Our Story

The story of PilotCity’s inception began with the founder’s story of building his hometown’s innovation ecosystem due to it’s ambition to transform itself into a center of innovation and technology. He states that he met the right people, at the right time, at the right place – because he forgot his glasses one day. Little did he know, the serendipity of meeting his hometown’s city government staff in the front table of an event he was late to transformed his life forever.


PilotCity’s mission is to build civic innovation ecosystems from scratch from the people who care the most about their city. This methology of building innovation ecosystems grow local networks that are committed, connected and empowered. We will develop this by creating a network of incubators that envelop cross-sector programs that create cross-value solutions. Our primary mission is to develop a smart city platform that makes these solutions more fluid, intuitive and engaging.


A pilot city is a city that is on the edge of innovation. A city that is open to experimentation and evolution by piloting cutting-edge ideas on a city-wide scale. Areas of innovation may include topics of smart cities including, but not limited to: communications, energy, transportation, healthcare and education.

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